Roofing Tips in New Jersey to Avoid Bad Luck For New Roofs

Roofing Tips in New Jersey to Avoid Bad Luck For New Roofs

You should understand that not all roofing contractors are created equally, even here in Bergen County, New Jersey. There are some roofing companies or contractors who tend to take advantage of the innocence of property owners when it comes to roofing projects. There have been many concerns raised and roofing issues left improperly addressed due to poor roofing jobs. All too often, property owners are left to deal with the consequences of a poor roofing job. To help you avoid these poor roofing jobs and even roofing scams, here are some of the things you should be watchful for.

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Storm Chasers

When it comes to emergency roofing services, especially those that include repair, replacement and roofing installation, a property owner should be watchful whom to trust and hire. As commonly experienced and witnessed by one of the leading roofing companies here in Bergen County, NJ, the Xpress Construction & Roofing, property owners fall victim to storm chasers, especially after major roofing incidents.

Storm chasers are those roofing contractors that are often times not registered or even accredited to perform roofing projects in a specific area, such as here in New Jersey. They are so-called storm chasers because they travel state to state in order to victimize unknowing property owner whose roof has been damaged a by storm or extreme weather condition. And since they don’t have any office locally or registration in the local business bureau, it would be easier for them to abscond their responsibilities. Hence, resulting in a poor roofing job, or even worse, no job at all.

False Bid

This is one of the ploys of dishonest roofing companies that you should avoid, and which may also lead to a poor roofing job. A false or incorrect bid is to be fed to potential customers in order to entice them to hire the said roofing company. However, imaginary issues would soon arise leading to the increase of the previous bid.

In order circumstance, it is not the price that will rise, but the increase would be on the period of work. This would mean more time needed to work, resulting in an increase in labor cost. And in a similar fashion, you would be shedding cash beyond the previously stated amount.

In order to avoid this type of scam, you should ask multiple bids from multiple roofing companies. Do not simply fall on those that offer the lowest bid. Try to examine their offering and compare and contrast it with what others are offering. The case might be that the offer is too low for the materials and workmanship will also be of poor quality.

The Half Jobs

This is the types of roofing jobs that are performed by roofing contractors without even totally finishing the project. This does mean that you will have a portion of your roof that is empty or devoid of any roofing materials. However, this would normally apply to projects that are not often times inspected by homeowners, such as those that deal with roof leak repairs and related issues.

There would be some roofing companies that would generally consider the project completed. However, when the rain comes or after a week or two, the uncompleted portion of the project will soon appear. Hence, resulting to back jobs. And the worst part is, most of the previous roofing companies will not take any responsibility on the uncompleted project, especially when the payment has already been completed.

Lack of Commitment

Perhaps one of the reasons why poor roofing projects exist is the lack of commitment towards excellence of a roofing company or contractor. In a paper, a roofing company can easily claim that they are for quality and excellence. However, in reality, some of the roofing companies will lower their standard, not just in quality service but also with the materials to be used on your property.

For that matter, it is always essential to have a good idea about the work ethics of a particular roofing company. That is why it is highly suggested that you should not only ask for pertinent documents relating to their legitimate services, but you should also at least have a glimpse on their output. You may do so by checking some of their previous works so that you may have a feel on how your future roofing will look with them on the job.

Aside from that, the usual license, accreditations, and insurance should also be checked for added assurance. Similarly, you should also check the online reviews about the company. These will help you have an overview of the comments concerning their workmanship and work ethics as a roofing company.

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